About Us

About MB Foundation


The Directors and volunteers of the MB Foundation Board thank the many supporters who have been supporting us over the years and believed in our mission, the multicultural audiences in the US and beyond, and the Indian media for keeping MB Foundation in public focus. MB Foundation will continue to meet and exceed community expectations through innovative partnerships, creativity, and the power of art.

Our Mission

The goals of the organization include Talent Promotion, Community Concerts, Workforce Development, Women Empowerment. Recreation and leisure activities through various events for the empowerment and enhancement of the senior community of Greater Houston and beyond are included as well in the program.

Our Values



We believe we are more powerful when we work together within our team and with our partners. We all join forces for greater impact.


We are entrepreneurial; we have the courage and the creativity to pursue unique ideas that have the potential of pushing boundaries. We think outside the box and we make it happen.


We aspire to connect, spread joy and excitement in everything we do. While having fun, we strive to achieve positive and sustainable results.


We adhere to strong principles; we take responsibility for our actions, processes and results, and we respect the values and the beliefs of the people. We honor our commitments.

Our Vision

MB Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization passionately dedicated to promoting Indo-American cultural arts in US, showcasing and building an awareness of the arts and artists whose heritage lies in US in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts and bring the diverse communities of US together. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the law. For information please visit www.mbfoundation.net

Who We Are

Our organization is hosting these events as our way of giving back to the community and also building funds to pursue our charity works and activities. For last 7 years we have conducted charitable activities to non-profit, social and charitable activities for SEWA International, CRY America, India House and several others. We hosted several events to raise funds like CRY Walkathon, Harvey Musical Night for SEWA International, New Year’s Party for India house and many more. Your contribution can truly help us pursue our objectives to help the kids, senior citizens and to enhance the community in general.

As we know nothing compares to the altruistic feeling of being able to help another person, but we make it a point to also give tokens and acts of appreciation and recognition in return for your generosity and goodness. Upon your acceptance of our request, your sponsorship also implies benefits on your end as well which is completely discussed in the proposal below. Hence by being our partner you are not just extending help but also getting benefits in return.

If you have questions regarding our proposal, please feel free to contact Mousumi Banerjee at “832-841-5727” or email us at “info@mbfoundation.net

We look forward to your kind consideration. Furthermore, MB Foundation expresses its heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing your valuable time. We hope for more positive engagements with you in the future. Invest in the future today. Join MB Foundation as we impact the Indo-American community and the greater United States through education, career advancement and leadership